FM 1


Once upon a time, in a town called Willow Creek, there was a gated community known as Pendula View. And in this neighborhood, right off of Courtyard Lane, there was a two-story house with multiple verandas and porches to shade a person on even the muggiest of days. It was painted a cheery shade of green to reflect the personalities of the people who lived there. And inside this house lived an average family…my family. Which consisted of my father Nelson, my mother Sharon, my older sister Madison, and myself, Shannon. As children we were taught that there was always sunshine after the storm and that the next day would always be brighter than the last. Nothing bad ever happened and if it did, then there was a reason for it. I would say that we were naive but in truth we were only children that were shielded from the ugliness of the world around us. But we soon learned that happily ever afters were something that only existed in books. Fairytales aren’t real…but monsters do exist.


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