FY 1


“Rise and shine, Mr. Ryan. Your bail has been paid.” I sat up and stretched my arms and legs. “Kicking me out already, Kate? I was just getting comfortable.” I teased the officer who escorted me out of my cell. “See ya next time, Slick.” I nodded my head to my cellmate who rolled his eyes in response. “It’s Officer Price. Please don’t call me by my first name…we don’t know each other like that.” She scolded me in a gentle tone. “This is the third time this month that you’ve brought me in. I thought we were becoming friends.” I batted my eyelashes at her. She chuckled and shook her head. “You can’t charm everyone with those blue eyes of yours. Especially not the judge.” She warned me cautiously. “So what’s the damage…community service again?” I was curious. “Most likely. You’ll find out at your hearing tomorrow.” She responded. I groaned and rubbed my temples. “Already? That was fast.” I glanced down the long hallway, searching for the person who bailed me out. “So anyways, who forked over the money to get me out of here? I’m guessing you called Jett? Right?” I asked hopefully. Kate shrank away and put her hands up. “Now don’t get angry, Luke…but your buddy wouldn’t answer the phone. So…um…I had to call someone else.” My easy smile vanished and my gut clenched. “Oh no, Kate. Please don’t tell me that you called…HER?”
“Where is he?!” I heard a shrill voice echo throughout the building. My worst fear had just been confirmed. I could hear Slick snickering in the cell behind us. “Someone is in BIG trouble.” He called out in a singsong voice. I turned back to Officer Price and gave her a grimace. “Aww…come on Kate! You sold me out!” She merely shrugged. I sighed heavily and we both looked in the direction of the heels clacking down the hallway. It was my mother…and she was not happy to see me.

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