LAS 34


Eli had been lost at sea for nearly 20 months before his grandfather showed up out of the blue and took us away from the little island that had became our home. He brought us to another island that was part of some place called “The Caribbean.” But this wasn’t Eli’s home either, he told me after shortly arriving. We were meeting the rest of his family here. A few weeks after settling in and reuniting with his family, we were traveling once more. This time to a place called “Hylewood” and then, finally, we arrived at the Michaels’ family home. It was charming and cozy. And I was so tired from all the traveling that I felt like I could sleep for a week. Eli’s mother, Lee, set me up in the guest room, where I shyly stayed hidden. Their family was very kind and they treated me like one of their own but I still couldn’t help feeling out of place. Like I didn’t belong. I didn’t say anything because I knew Eli was happy to be home. But more than anything I wanted to be back on the island where we’d fallen in love…

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