LAS 35


Eli’s great-grandmother, Melinda, passed away not long after his family’s return to Hylewood. It was a very sad affair. After the funeral it was discovered that she’d left her entire estate to Elliott. Then after much discussion about what to do with all the money, Elliott and Lauren managed to convince the rest of us to move once more…they wanted to retire to a more tropical place but wouldn’t do so unless the whole family went. I was a bit upset about it at first but eventually agreed with Eli who said that a fresh start would be good for all of us. By this time, my stomach was ready to pop and our baby would be coming soon. I just wanted to be somewhere safe when that happened. But once I saw the quaint little island from the plane, I knew I’d love it there. The condos we were residing in were small but adorably homey. Then we spent the rest of the day sight-seeing and learning about our new home, Seashell Bay, which is known for it’s culture, food, and good schools…


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