JW 4


JW 4

One of the coolest things Dad ever made was the life-size rocket ship model for Blake and I to play with. I was thrilled when he brought us behind the house and revealed it to us. “Wow! It’s so cool!” I told Dad animatedly and threw my arms around his waist. “Thanks Dad!” Then I glanced over at Blake who was texting on her phone. “Come on Blake, let’s play! We can be astronauts!” I shouted to her. To my disbelief, Blake walked over to it and turned her nose up at it. “Booor-ing. I’m going over to Macy’s house. See ya.” My smile immediately turned to a frown. “But it won’t be as fun without you.” I called behind her. She turned around and rolled her eyes at me. “You’ll live.” I looked across the yard at Dad who was working on another project. No use bothering him. He was always too busy to play. I pouted for a few minutes before climbing in by myself. I didn’t need Blake or Macy or anyone else. I could entertain myself just fine.


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