JW 5


To my surprise, a boy and his mother moved into the trailer park just a few days after Dad built the rocket ship. I could barely contain my excitement as I watched the movers bring all their stuff in. Finally the boy was alone and I found the courage to go talk to him. “Hi.” I said shyly while looking down at my feet. “I’m Jane. Jane Fontaine. And I live next door. Do you want to be friends with me?” I looked up into his bright green eyes and he smiled. “Sure.” He replied. “Great!” I said excitedly. “Want to come play on my rocket ship?” His mouth dropped open in shock. “You have a rocket ship?” I giggled. “Not a real one, silly. Come see!” I grabbed him by the hand and we ran behind my house. “Isn’t it great?” I pointed at it proudly. “Yeah!” He said enthusiastically. We played for hours. His imagination was just as vivid as mine was. Finally we needed a rest. We both laid on the ground and pointed out shapes in the clouds. “My name is Nolan by the way.” He murmured while searching the sky. “Nol-an.” I repeated quietly. I liked the way it sounded…


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