JW 7


Being known as the “smart kid” in school came with a price. Other kids often came to me for tutoring help or wanting to borrow my notes. Then there were those who just wanted to take take advantage of me. Heather was one of those kids. She approached me while I was in the library during lunch. “Hey did you study for the test in Computer Science?” She asked. “Of course.” I replied. “Mind if I copy off you? I sit right behind you…no one will know.” She said with a wink. “I-uh…I’m sorry but I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. But you can borrow my notes real quick.” I offered. “Ugh, I don’t have time to study, okay? Just lean to the side next period so I can see. Easy peasy.” She said smugly. I shook my head. “No. I can’t. I won’t do that.” She groaned and pointed her finger at me. “Wow. You’re so uptight. You should pull your granny panties out of your butt and live a little.” Then she flounced away. But it didn’t end there. “Jane wears granny panties!” Heather whispered loudly from behind me during the test. I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment as my classmates snickered. I absolutely could not wait for school to end…


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