JW 8


In gym class, Heather continued to harass me. After hearing “granny panties” for the fifth time, I snapped. “What is your problem?” I asked suddenly. She looked surprised for just a moment…then that gleam returned to her eyes. “I just flat out don’t like you, Jane.” She said slowly. With tears burning in my eyes, I ran to the locker room for a shower. “You okay in here?” Blake asked. “Yeah. Had something in my eye…no big deal.” I shrugged. Blake’s smile disappeared. “Here comes trouble.” She whispered and motioned behind me with her eyes. “Oh, look it’s a family reunion.” Heather said with a sneer. “Good thing your mother isn’t around to see what failures you both turned out to be.” She walked away laughing. My mouth hung open in shock. “I hate her.” I shouted. Blake nodded. “Me too.”


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