JW 9


The next day at lunch, Blake invited Nolan and I to sit with her. Once we were comfortable, she introduced us to her new boyfriend…Chad. I was intrigued…this was the first I’d heard of him. I was getting to know him better when Heather walked over to our table and poked Nolan in the shoulder. “Hey Nolan. Want to go to a movie with me tomorrow night?” She asked in a seductive tone. Then she glanced over at me and added, “That is if you and Jane aren’t a couple…I’ve heard rumors but you guys seem more like friends to me.” Nolan choked on his words. “No. Ahem. Jane and I are just good friends. An-And…I’d love to go to the movies with you, Heather. Thank you for asking me.” He replied nervously. Blake gave me a worried look. In his defense, Nolan didn’t know Heather was terrorizing me. I shook my head and whispered, “She’s only doing this to get under my skin. I’m not playing her game.” I got up from the table and loudly said, “I’m going to the library, I’ll see you all later. Have fun on your date tomorrow Heather…maybe Nolan can help you study for Computer Science since you have such a hard time paying attention in class.” I’m not usually catty but I felt pretty damn proud of myself as I walked away…


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