JW 10


The weeks dragged on and Heather wasn’t going away. So I decided something had to be done. Nolan genuinely seemed to like her. And it just wasn’t right. “Nolan, can I speak to you for a minute?” Before he could answer, Heather butted in. “Is there a problem, Janey?” She asked suspiciously. “That’s not really any of your business. And my name is Jane.” I replied coolly. “I’ll be right back.” Nolan said jumping up from his seat. He followed me a few feet away before asking what was going on. “Nolan, she’s been mean to me all school year. Have you really not noticed? You’re supposed to be my friend. And now you’re dating my worst enemy!” I ranted at him. His eyes grew as round as saucers and he cried out, “Oh Jane…I didn’t know! I swear it! But she told me that she felt intimidated by you…and that she only wants you to like her.” Then he paused for a moment before continuing, “Please don’t make me pick a side. You’re my best friend. But I really care about her.” He pleaded. “Can you try to get along with her?” There was nothing left to do but let Nolan find out what a jerk she was on his own. I sighed and hugged him. “No promises. But I’ll try.” I whispered in his ear.


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