The first time I had my heart broken was many, many years ago. His name was Simon and we’d been dating for three glorious months when he called me and asked me to meet him in the park. “Hey beautiful.” He said with a charming smile while motioning towards a bench. “Have a seat. There’s something we need to talk about.” I sat next to him and gazed at him fondly. He cleared his throat then said, “I don’t know how to say this without hurting your feelings…but I can’t see you anymore. We have to break up.” His words didn’t make sense at first. “You can’t be serious.” I said while raising an eyebrow. “Surely you’re joking. Right?” He shook his head. “Sorry babe. I’m completely serious.” I felt as if I’d been stabbed in the chest. “But…I thought you loved me Simon.” I said as a single fat tear fell down my cheek. He sighed. “Look I do love you. In a way. But I love my wife more.” I gasped in shock. “You’re married? But why didn’t you tell me? I never would’ve gotten involved with a married man had I known!” I shouted. He shrugged. “I was bored.” Then he stood up and waved at me before leaving. “It was fun while it lasted Charity…but please don’t try to contact me. Ever. Have a nice life.” I stood there and watched him walk away. Then I whispered, “But I’m pregnant…”


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