BOM 11


Shortly after my third encounter with Vera, Robert fell ill. I went to check on him while he was in his study and found him hunched over his desk, passed out. I woke him and when he stood up, I realized his body was covered in strange marks. I put my hand to his head and felt that he was burning up. I called a doctor to come to the manor and give him a check up. Robert was skeptical of doctors to begin with…but this was an emergency. After taking Robert’s temperature and examining the marks, the doctor admitted that he was baffled by this mysterious illness. But he smiled and said that with plenty of fluids and rest that Robert would eventually get better. Robert rolled his eyes and sighed. He wasn’t the type to stay in bed all day, doing nothing. But I assured the doctor that I’d make sure Robert did everything he needed to. Weeks went by but Robert never got any better. I’d watch over him all day and all night, to make sure he was still breathing. I tried to remain optimistic that one day he would wake up completely healthy. But more than anything, I was worried…


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