BOM 14


I’d barely had time to call for an ambulance when the first contraction hit me. “Not right now baby girl…just hang in there a little bit longer.” I whispered to my belly. But as another contraction about knocked me off my feet, I realized waiting was no longer an option. I sat on the edge of the bed and pushed with all my might. Within moments, Patience Marie Lewis made her entrance into the world. Even though I was in pain, I remained calm enough to clean her off. Then I held her to my chest and snuggled her close. “Welcome home little one.” I murmured to her while kissing her on the cheek. With a heavy heart, I placed her in the bassinet and hung my head. How was I ever going to get through this without Robert by my side? The sound of the ambulance pulling into the driveway jerked me from my thoughts…


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