BOM 15


Robert’s funeral was three days later. I hired a nanny to babysit Patience while I was gone…I needed to be alone. I had him buried next to his parents, he would’ve wanted that. I stood there staring at his gravestone…willing him to come back to me. I wiped a tear from my cheek and whispered my goodbyes. With one last look, I walked out of the gate. I sat on a bench in the graveyard and allowed myself to get lost in my head for a while. A lawyer had showed up at the manor that morning and revealed that Robert had left everything to me….but it did little to comfort me. Then I momentarily had the notion that I should return back to my childhood home…to my parents and siblings. I missed them all so much. Maybe they would accept me and my daughter with open arms? That’s what I hoped for anyways. But something was stopping me from running back home with my tail between my legs. I thought back to how Robert only got sick after I began seeing Vera…was she the reason that he was dead? I couldn’t leave without knowing the truth…


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