BOM 16


I began to sleep on Robert’s side of the bed. It made me feel closer to him and his pillow still smelled like him. I’d hold it close and breathe his scent in. Then I was able to fall asleep easily…pretending that he was there with his arms wrapped around me. And everyday after, I’d wake up confused by my surroundings and worried when I couldn’t find him next to me. It was only after I’d had a cup of coffee or two that I’d remember…he was gone. Forever. Needless to say depression hit hard and fast. It was pretty up and down for about a month. And the only thing that got me through it all was Patience. Her sweet smile would make me forget everything bad that had happened…at least for a little while. She was my rock. Finally, about two months after Robert’s death, I realized what a mess the house had become. And I still needed to pack Robert’s things up in the closet. But once I took a good look around and tried to figure out where to start, I felt overwhelmed. I knew I was going to need help…


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