BOM 17


A few days after my meltdown in the closet, I was moping around in the bedroom while Patience slept. Then I heard the doorbell ring. I’d found an ad in the newspaper offering housekeeping services for room and board. I called the number and hired the stranger on the other line without checking for any references. And indeed…the butler on my doorstep wasn’t quite what I’d expected. He was younger than I’d imagined he’d be. And he had a kind face. He shook my hand politely and told me his name was Giles. I invited him inside and showed him around the manor while making remarks about what I needed done. He got to work right away. First he packed up Robert’s things and moved them to the attic. Then he took out all the trash and cleaned the kitchen. I refused to let him make dinner for me but he did anyways. The small bite I took was enough to make him happy and he moved along to do other chores…giving me a chance to throw it away while he wasn’t looking. I’d enjoyed eating before my life went to hell…but afterwards, everything seemed bland. I appreciated the thought though. At least someone was watching out for me…


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