BOM 18


Having Giles around to takeover my household duties and watch over Patience gave me some free time to search for answers about Vera. The library was my first stop but unfortunately I couldn’t find much about her besides the article of her accidental death. Then I remembered the stack of books in the attic that had floated in front of my face. Was that a clue from Vera that I’d misread? I took a cab back home and went straight up to the attic. The first thing I was greeted by was Vera’s smirking face…oh how I hated that painting. I picked one of the books up from the floor and flipped through it. Seemed to be a journal of sorts and it looked like it’d been written in by many different people over the years…some entries were even in another language. Strange symbols were drawn all over the pages. Apparently Vera’s grandmother dabbled in voodoo…scary things like curses and sacrifices. I was wondering if she’d taught those things to Vera when noticed the recipe for one of the meals I’d made for Robert in that book. I gasped out loud then hung my head in shame. I was the one who’d made Robert sick after all. Wiping away my tears, I looked back down and something written in tiny letters at the bottom of the page caught my eye. “Under the elm is where you’ll find her.” There was only one elm tree on Robert’s property and I knew exactly where it was…


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