BOM 19


I sat in front of Vera’s grave past sunset…pleading for her to appear to me. To talk to me and tell me what really happened to her. And what really happened to Robert. It finally grew too dark for me to see so I walked over to the patio and stood in front of the place where Robert exchanged his vows with me. I missed him so much. I ran my finger down the arched trellis…lost in my thoughts. Why would she want me to kill him? Didn’t she love him? “Of course she did.” I said out loud. “This was your plan all along, wasn’t it?” I asked the air around me. She wanted him to herself. So they’d be dead together…forever? “Screw you Vera. I don’t care if you’re dead…or undead…or whatever you are. This is my house now. And you’re no longer welcome here.” I marched into the house and straight up to the attic…


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