As my stomach grew bigger, I became more desperate to hide it from my parents and siblings. I was afraid to tell them. What if they disowned me? I was so ashamed. Now that I’m older and wiser, I wish I’d just told them the truth. They would’ve understood and tried to help me in any way possible. But back then, I always felt like I was alone in the world. So I made up my mind to run away. But where would I go? Then I remembered that when I was a child, my grandmother Serenity would pull out her photo albums and show me pictures of a beautiful, quaint town that was far, far away. It was called Windenburg. I’d always wanted to go. Without even leaving a note to say goodbye, I slid quietly out my window and into the night. All I had with me was the clothes on my back but somehow, some way, I knew I’d be alright. I walked down main street and was looking in all of the shop windows when a tram caught my eye. That was my ticket out of town. I ran to it and grabbed onto the back and held on with all my might. For hours and hours until I saw the signs for the place I was going to make my home. The tram was going in the opposite direction, I had to let go. Luckily I landed on both feet. It’d been one hell of a ride. I arrived in the countryside well into the night. Everything was closed and I didn’t have money for an inn so I made myself comfortable on a bench and fell fast asleep…


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