BOM 22


I was enjoying a well prepared meal by Giles one night and we were making small talk when he asked if he could speak freely. I nodded my head and looked up at him. “Well miss. It’s just that I think someone as kind as yourself should keep better company.” He said while looking down at his feet. I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “What do you mean?” I asked. “There was woman on the back patio this evening. She said she was a friend of yours. She was wearing a red dress with no shoes. And I’m pretty sure she was intoxicated. She kept saying really rude things about you.” I felt my stomach twisting into knots.” And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen her.” He admitted. “She’s always ignored me until today.” He said with a shrug. My head began to ache. “Is she still here now?” I asked in a shaky voice. “No miss. She ran off into the woods after I invited her inside. Haven’t heard a peep out of her since.” At that moment it felt like I had eyes burning into the back of my skull. I whirled around in my chair to look but nothing was there. I already knew the answer but I needed to ask anyways…”Did she say what her name was?” He nodded and said, “Yes miss. Her name was Vera.”


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