BOM 23


It was the day after Giles had told me about Vera appearing to him on the patio and I’d been feeling sick to my stomach all day. I figured it was just my nerves and that maybe a nap would help. I was walking by the fireplace on my way to the couch when suddenly something felt out of place. Like it didn’t belong. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I sat down and looked around the living room. Then I realized what it was and froze in fear. I could feel her eyes burning into the back of my skull. The painting was back! But how? I’d burned it to ashes?! I walked over the fireplace and slowly looked up…my eyes locked with hers. “What do you want now Vera?” I asked angrily. And right before my eyes the painting changed again and she screamed into my face…”Get out of my house or you’ll all be sorry!” I gasped in fear and ran from the room. I had to check on the baby! I peeked into Patience’s bassinet and found her sleeping. She opened her eyes and smiled at me when she became aware that I was standing there. I caressed her check and whispered, “Oh you’re fine…just fine…I’ll do whatever I have to as long as you’re safe.” Even if that meant living Grimwood Manor for good…


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