BOM 24


I awoke to the sound of weeping in my bedroom. At first I thought it was Patience but as the sobbing went on, I realized it was a man. Fear gripped me as I struggled to get out from underneath the covers. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Robert standing before me. “Robert…is it really you?” I asked when I could finally think straight. His tears tugged at my heart. “Please don’t cry, darling. We’ve missed you as well.” I whispered in a soothing tone. I reached my hand out to him and it passed through his arm. He gave me a terribly sad look before disappearing. “Wait Robert! Please come back!” A few minutes passed before I heard another sob and then I saw that he’d reappeared again. “I’ve missed so much already. I’m going to miss it all. She’s so beautiful.” He was muttering to himself while standing over Patience’s bassinet. “Robert…I have so many questions. How are you here? Are you like Vera? Or are you at peace? I just don’t understand…” He whirled around to face me and cut me off mid sentence. “You cannot trust her, Charity. Don’t believe not one word out of her mouth.” He spoke quickly and venomously. Then he disappeared once more. “Who? Robert, who are you talking about? Please don’t leave me again!” I cried out. But this time he didn’t come back…


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