BOM 25


A week had passed since the ghost of Robert had visited. And each night I’d wait up in hopes that he’d come back once more. I couldn’t get past the warning he gave me. Was he talking about Vera or was there some unknown threat in my future? I knew I just had to speak to him again! I needed to know more! And if he wouldn’t come willingly then I’d have to find another way. I felt a chill go down my spine as I called the number I’d found in one of the journals from the attic the night before. “Madame Zorra” showed up at my front door about an hour later. I told her the haunting tale of Vera and about my visit from Robert. She listened intently and when I was done, I gave her a tour of Grimwood Manor. All throughout the house, she made little comments to herself. Finally when we reached the back patio, she stood in front of me and told me, “I fear that something dark lives here. Something sinister. And it’s power only grows.” I put my hand over my mouth…I’d felt sick all of the sudden. “Is there anything I can do?” I asked anxiously. She gave me a solemn nod and said, “Of course…there is a ritual that can be done. For a small price.” She then gave me the address to her home which was in a small town called Forgotten Hollow…


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