BOM 29


A few weeks after the disaster in Madame Zorra’s basement, I noticed that Vera started appearing more and more around the house. “It’s great to see you again, Vera.” I said, my voice dripping in sarcasm. She sneered at me then jumped back into her portrait. I sighed and plopped onto the couch. How could I be so unlucky? I felt cursed. There had to be something Zorra could do to reverse the binding with that doll. And I was willing to pay as much as it took to get rid of Vera…for good.

Even though it scared me more than I wanted to admit, I eventually built up the courage to take a taxi back to Forgotten Hollow. I noticed how quiet it was as I reached the front door. Then when I knocked on the door, it slowly creaked open. “Hello!” I called out before entering. I scoured the house from top to bottom…it was completely empty.

I sat on the ground in the kicthen and cried. Zorra had been my only hope. Through my tears I noticed something on the ground a few feet away. I leaned over and snatched it up. Wiping my face so I could see better, I realized it was a picture. It was very old but I could make out the faces of two teenage girls. And to my horror, I recognized Vera right away. That meant the other girl had to be…Zorra.

Realization hit me like a slap in the face. That was the moment I knew I’d been set up. I was meant to find the number in the journal. Vera knew I was desperate to get her out of my house. She knew I would call. Anger washed over me and I pounded my fist into the wall until my knuckles bled. Robert tried to warn me. I’d been duped…


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