I woke up to the feeling that I was being watched. I sat up and rubbed my eyes sleepily then about jumped out of my seat when I noticed the older gentleman next to me. “Get a good night’s sleep dear?” He asked with a smile. He introduced himself as Robert Lewis and told me he came to this spot to watch the sun come up every morning. Then he told me what a welcome surprise it was when he saw the beautiful girl sleeping on the bench. I knew nothing about this man but fast as lightening I told him all about myself and the predicament I now found myself in. “That simply won’t do.” He said while shaking his head. “You’ll come back to my place. Then you’ll get your belly full of warm food and tonight, you’ll sleep in real bed. And you can stay as long as you want. No stings attached.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “B-but you don’t even know me.” I stuttered. “A-and I won’t ever be able to pay you back for your hospitality. I appreciate your offer greatly but I refuse to be a burden on you, kind sir.” He chuckled and said “You’re nothing of the sort. I can usually tell a whether a person is a sinner or a saint. And you my dear…you’re a good girl. Life’s just handed you some lemons is all.” Intrigued by him, I allowed him to take me back to his residence. When the town car dropped us off at his driveway, I looked up at the looming mansion in front of me. “This is your house?” I asked. “It’s huge!” He pulled me gently to the front door. “Welcome to Grimwood Manor darling. And it’ll be your home too.” He said while taking my hands in his. “For as long as you’ll have it.”


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