BOM 35


I invited him inside for coffee and we hadn’t even sat down before the questions started. “Dorian, how in the world did you find me?” I asked curiously. “Well it wasn’t easy.” He bragged. “I hired a private investigator a few months ago and he did a very thorough job. He was able to track you from the time you went missing until now. And apparently you’re doing pretty well for yourself.” He said as he looked around approvingly. Then his expression grew darker. “But that’s not why I came.” He muttered as he looked down into his cup. “Well…why did you come?” I asked. “Not that I don’t want you here.” I reassured him with a smile. “Dad is sick, Char. He has been for quite a while now. You should probably come see him. Soon. We’re staying at an inn a few miles away.” I felt as if I’d been punched in the gut. “You’re all here? Oh…I’m such a horrible daughter.” I moaned while covering my face with my hands. “I should’ve kept in touch. How am I going to face them now, Dor?” Dorian laid his hand on my shoulder. “They’re not angry. They’ve really missed you. Just promise you’ll come. And bring Patience.” I nodded. “I promise. We’ll visit tomorrow.” I walked him outside and we parted ways…


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