BOM 37


Dad went in his sleep that very same day I visited him. Mom and Dorian were prepared for it but it came as a great shock to me. If only I’d gone to see him just one day earlier…maybe he would’ve spoke to me. Maybe he would’ve smiled at me and told me that he forgave me for being such a rotten brat. Mom thinks he waited on me before letting the sickness take him…maybe he did hear me after all?

There was a simple service in the small chapel a few miles from my house. Since they were so far from home, Mom and Dorian decided to bury Dad in the same graveyard as Robert. It comforted me to know that he’d be near by. I wiped the tears from my face and held Patience close to my chest. Then I realized something…both of the men that I’d loved more than anything were gone. I hoped that wherever they were, that they were together. I think they would’ve liked each other…


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