BOM 38


After the funeral, I invited my family and Norman back to Grimwood Manor. Strangely enough, it felt like a burden had been lifted as we all sat in my living room, catching up and getting to know each other once more. Maybe it was just the feeling of being near my family again…but whatever it was, I wasn’t ready to lose it so soon.

“Mom, I’ve been thinking…there is so much room here…too much really. And it’s just that…you live so far away. And…I’ve really missed you and all. Oh and Patience has really grown attached to you in the last few days.” I rambled on. “Are you really in any rush to get back home?” I finally blurted out. She raised her eyebrows in pleasant surprise. “What exactly are you trying to say, Charity?” She asked with a knowing smile. I laughed nervously. “Well…I’d like to formally invite you to stay here…as long as you’d like to. Dorian too.” I quickly added. “I think that’s a wonderful idea, dear. I’d love to.” Mom said with a broad grin. I looked over at Dorian and he nodded his approval as well. “So that’s settled. Now what’s everyone in the mood to eat for dinner?” I asked cheerfully.

It was a brief moment of happiness…or so I thought. But really, it was just the calm before the storm…


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