BOM 39


The odd occurrences started off simple enough. Appliances would break in the middle of the night, fresh food would spoil within hours, the trashcan would always end up turned on it’s side. Paintings would fall off the walls and the railing broke from the stairs. At first, I chalked it all up to the house being old and immediately replaced all the appliances. But then Patience began to complain of monsters hiding under her bed and she was plagued with bad dreams. So I let her sleep with me.

The first thing that really worried me was Robert’s urn falling from the fireplace mantle. It woke me up and still half asleep, I put it back upright…where it then began to float in the air. “Robert?” I whispered. “Please let that be you.” Then almost as soon as it started, it stopped. I pushed it from my mind and went on with my day. That afternoon, I was relaxing on the patio with my family and Norman when Mom asked me if I’d seen or heard anything weird lately. “Weird, how?” I asked nervously. Then Mom told me that she’d been watering my plants earlier when she heard a woman singing from the balcony upstairs. She went up there to investigate and the door shut behind, her locking her out there until Giles happened to walk by and let her back in. A chill went down my spine…Vera was back.


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