BOM 40


It was a few days after Mom had been locked out on the balcony…things around the house were quiet but I still had a feeling that Vera was lurking close by. That night we were having dinner with Dorian and I was telling them about my day at the office. Dorian began coughing like he was choking and I glanced up at him to make sure he was okay. Then I looked over at my mother and noticed that she was covered in large red spots. “Mom! I’m no doctor, but I think you’re experiencing some sort of breakout. Are you feeling okay?” She held the back of her hand up to her forehead. “I may have a small fever. And I feel a little dizzy but it’s nothing I can’t handle.” She murmured. “Hmm.” I said thinking. “Dorian, should we take her the hospital?” When he didn’t answer, I turned my head back to him and saw that he was breaking out too! But his odd lines instead of spots. “I feel funny too.” He said with a mouth full of food. I jumped to my feet and pulled my cellphone out, “Okay, everyone sit tight. I’m going to call for an ambulance!”


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