BOM 43


Not too long after Mom passed away, I invited Norman over one evening. I missed Mom dearly and figured some companionship would take my mind off of the things that were stressing me out. It was a humid summer night and we decided to take a quick dip in the pool to cool off. We swam until we were tired. I got out first and waited on the patio for Norman to surface. Then I realized he wasn’t coming up…he was just sinking lower and lower. I dived in after him, gripped him under the arms and dragged him back up to surface. He immediately stirred and began to spit up water. “Norman! What happened? You scared me to death! I thought you were drowning!” I cried. He looked confused. “I’m not quite sure, Charity. I’m so sorry I scared you. It was the oddest sensation though…as if someone had grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me down.” He rasped. “But I’m okay now. Thanks to you.” He looked at me and smiled. Then I heard the low laugh coming from the rock waterfall behind us…and when I turned to look, I saw her there. A huge grin was spreading across her face. “Vera.” I whispered. Something had to be done…


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