BOM 44


Early the next morning at work, I called Norman down to my office. “I have a bit of bad news, Norman…I just wanted you to hear it from me first. I’ve decided to sell the company. Next week, all of the employees here will be let go.” I paused for a moment letting it sink in for him. “I understand. Thank you for the heads up.” He said solemnly. I nodded my head before continuing, “And…there’s something else. I don’t think we should see each other anymore. I do believe I’ll be moving soon and I’m just not looking a long term relationship right now. I know this is all upsetting news and it wouldn’t surprise me if you never wanted to speak to me again.” I said while looking down at my desk. “I don’t care about this job. I can easily find another one. I care about you, Char. I’m in love with you.” He exclaimed. My stomach fluttered but I remained calm. “Well, I’m sorry.” I said flatly. “But I don’t feel the same way. And I think it’s best if you leave now.” I could see the anguish on his face as he stood from his chair. I hung my head in shame. Long after he’d left the room, I still sat there…staring at the wall and thinking of what I’d done. But it was the only thing I could do to keep him safe…


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