BOM 45


A few days later, Dorian was returning from job hunting when he heard singing from the balcony. He looked up and saw a woman he didn’t recognize. “Hey, are you okay up there?” He called up to her. She grinned and said, “Perfectly fine.” And within a blink of an eye she was right in front of him. “How did you…that’s not possible.” Dorian stuttered in shock. She laid her hand on his cheek and gazed at him. “Aren’t you a handsome one?” Then she sighed and said, “Times like these make me wish I was still alive.” Then he remembered everything I’d told him. “Al-alive? Does that mean you’re dead?” Her smile grew bigger. “You’re Vera, aren’t you?” Dorian whimpered. Vera winked at him and disappeared once more.

“Charity! Where are you? Char!” I was still in bed but heard him calling urgently from the kitchen. “What in the world is going on?” I asked sleepily. He grabbed me by the hands and said, “I’m so sorry for ever doubting you Char. I saw her!” I wiped the sleep from my eyes. “What are you talking about? Who did you see?” He ran his hands wildly through his hair. “Vera.” He whispered. My mouth dropped open and I quickly covered it with my hand. “She’s real.”


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