I didn’t tell Robert about my encounter with Vera…I knew he wouldn’t believe me. He would’ve just blamed it on my hormones or lack of sleep again. But now I was uncomfortable and slept even less. I felt like she was always watching me. And in a sense she was. The portrait over the fireplace was unnerving. I couldn’t even sit in the living room for long enough to watch a movie. I hated how her eyes burned into me. How they followed every move I made. I wanted that painting gone…for good. After giving Robert a long back massage, I brought it up. “Sweetheart…I know you loved her very much and I know you’re doing your best to honor her memory…but don’t you think it’s time to move Vera’s portrait to another room in the house? Possibly the attic?” I asked sweetly. “Yes. I suppose you’re right, darling.” He said while contemplating it. “How am I to move on with my lovely new wife if she’s a constant reminder?” He asked himself softly. “I’m so happy you agree.” I said while leaning over to kiss his cheek. About an hour later, he called me back into the living room. He’d hung up old photographs of his family members in place of where Vera’s portrait used to hang. “Is this better?” He asked with a smile. “Yes, honey.” I said while gazing up. “It’s perfect.”


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