It was a dull Sunday afternoon. I was home by myself channel surfing and trying to kill time. We had dinner plans with Lee that evening but Elliott was late getting home from the construction site. I sighed and click over to the next channel. That’s when I heard it…

“This week on Extra: Supermodel Kara Keys will be launching a new reality tv show next month. “Keeping up with the Keys” will be filled with romance, drama, and plenty of laughs. Make sure you catch the premiere on May 23rd at 9pm! And now some news we’ve all been waiting for…Lauren Cooper’s book “Lost At Sea” will be coming to the big screen next year. Production of the film is rumored to start this summer on a small island in the Bahamas. So hang on to your seats viewers…it’s going to be a wavy ride!”

My jaw dropped in shock. My book was being made into a movie? Then my shoulders drooped. This was one of those moments that being dead to the public sucked…but I wasn’t giving up that easily. I knew I’d find a way to be involved. I pulled out my phone and dialed Elliott’s number. “Hey darling, we’re going to have to cancel dinner tonight. Call Lee…we’re going on a trip!”


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