LAS 11


Dillon never did return to surface. I had to assume the worst. “What am I going to do now?” I said out loud. My only answer was the water rippling around me. We’d drifted out in Dillon’s boat for nearly ten hours. There wasn’t a speck of land in sight. And I didn’t even know what direction to swim in. As it grew darker, my legs began to ache from treading water to keep afloat. It had to be close to midnight by the time I closed my eyes and went under. Further and further down I could feel myself slipping. The deeper I sunk, the colder the water became. The surface was getting too far out of reach. But I was too tired to fight it. “Surely this can’t be the end?” I thought to myself. My eyes fluttered open when my feet rubbed against something big…was it a rock? Before I blacked out, my eyes strained to make out something in the distance. It almost looked as if someone was swimming towards me…a girl…


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