LAS 13


I awoke to the heat of the sun beating down on me. It was so hot. I peeked an eye open and shifted around in the sand underneath me. I was very uncomfortable. I groaned and tried to shield my eyes. Didn’t help. Frustrated that I couldn’t sleep any longer, I attempted to stand up. But my legs were unsteady and I ended up stumbling down to my knees. I looked hard at the ground. Land! I jerked upright and looked around. I was saved! “Yes!” I cried out while pumping my fist into the air. I’d made it! Now all I had to do was find my way back to Grandma’s cabin. But in a matter of minutes, I’d circled the whole island. There was no way off of it. Not without a boat. I stared out into the distance. There was nothing out there. Nothing but ocean. Miles and miles of endless ocean…


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