LAS 15


I wasn’t sure how many days had passed since I’d made the island my home but it felt like it’d been forever. In reality it was probably closer to a month. There were times where I just wanted to do nothing but give up. Surprisingly, my will to survive was stronger than I ever could’ve imagined. Cub scouts as a child had really begun to pay off. I scoured the island for anything useful and I learned how to live off of the things around me. Fish for food, fresh water from a nearby stream, fruits and vegetables from the plants and trees. I would keep myself busy and away from thinking about home by making my camp bigger and better. And for fun I would swim, draw in the sand, or daydream. But at the end of everyday, I was overwhelmed with my loneliness. Surely it was temporary though…someone had to be out there looking for me. Right?


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