LAS 16


There wasn’t much on the small island where I’d left the boy…and I was worried that he wouldn’t survive the first night. But I was wrong…he flourished. For more than a moon, I swam out to the island almost every night and hid in the reeds, watching him. He’d found food and fresh water, and built himself shelter. He wouldn’t be able to live there forever but it would have to do until he was rescued. His people were looking for him and eventually they would find him. I’d watch him until nearly dawn, then I’d swim back home and lay in my bed, daydreaming of him.

“O…why are you still in bed?” I opened my eyes to see my brother Finneas looming over me. “I’m sorry, Finn…I must’ve dozed off again.” I apologized. He ignored me and began barking off chores, “There’s plenty to be done around here. Fish need to be cleaned. Barnacles need to be removed. The sharks need to be fed. Get up off your tail and get moving!” I jerked upright and irritably said, “Don’t think you can order me around just because you’re older than me!” I got up and tried to move past him but he stood firmly in my path. “Move, Finn.” He shook his head. “What have you been doing anyways that’s making you so tired all the time? He asked. When I didn’t answer he said, “You’re never going to make a suitable mate for someone if you’re wandering about all night and sleeping all day. You need to pull yourself together, O.” I hung my head in shame. “I’ll try to do better.” I promised.


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