LAS 17


It was a chilly day and I was sitting on a rock braiding my hair and thinking of the boy. He was always in the back of my mind. Worried that he wasn’t warm enough to endure the weather, I swam out to see how he was doing. It’d been a whole moon since I’d gone to check on him. With Finneas closely watching me, it’d been hard to get away. As I approached the island, I saw that he was alive and well. I looked up and thanked the stars. At that moment rain started to drizzle down. Then I noticed he’d drawn a “HELP” message in the sand. I hoped for his sake that someone from the sky would see it before the rain washed it away. But then my heart flopped in my chest as I realized I’d probably never see him again afterwards.

I was contemplating swimming to the shore and speaking to him when the rain began to actually pour down. The droplets were hitting the waves very loudly…which was probably the reason why I didn’t hear anyone approach me from behind. “O…what are you doing here?” Finn asked me in cold voice. He looked from me to the boy then back to me again before saying, “Follow me back home…now. We need to speak.”


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