Two weeks later, we were on a plane flying over the place where “Lost At Sea” was being filmed. I looked out the window and smiled. It was a pretty little island. I sighed and sat back in my seat while waiting to land. I was lucky to be here. I’d gotten in contact with the director, Shane Fisher, the week before and told him that my name was Lauren Waters and that I’d been close friends with the author Lauren Cooper. Then I told him that I was also a writer and that I’d love to help out with the movie in any way I could. He sounded a bit hesitant at first but eventually agreed to let me come on board as a screenwriter. I jumped at his offer and told him I’d be there as soon as possible. Now here we are. We rented a small cabin only a few miles away from the production site. It had spacious rooms and the most beautiful views. From the back deck we could see the ocean and feel the salty breeze. I gazed lovingly at my family…I’d missed them so much. Lee and Owen had been working so much lately that we’d hardly seen them except for a scheduled dinner every few months. Eli had also been busy with college classes and coaching little league. But now it was summer and were all enjoying a little family family bonding time. It was really nice to have us all back together again…


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