LAS 21


I carved another tally mark into the rock and realized that a year had passed. I immediately thought of my family. My little sister would be three months old by now. Did my parents even miss me anymore? I was no closer to being saved than I was yesterday. I angrily stomped out my “help” sign that I’d drawn in the sand. No one would ever see it. Because no one was coming. I plopped down onto the ground and sighed. So this was my fate? I dug my hands into the sand and threw handfuls of it up into the sky. Momentarily, I got distracted by letting the sand slide through my fingers…over and over again. Finally I snapped out of it. Was I losing my mind?

I’d had a lot of time to think…and I began to compare my situation to grandma’s book. What were the odds? The main character was lost at sea for nearly thirty years before his wife found him. There was no way I could survive on this island that long…I was shocked that I’d made it this far. I started digging through the scrap that I’d collected and had an epiphany…I’d save myself! I’d build a boat…


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