LAS 24


I had many questions for the girl who washed up on the shore but she was so exhausted. I ran back and dug through the things I’d gathered from around the island and went back to her with an old towel. I wrapped it around her then picked her up. She cried out when my arm rubbed up against her legs. “I’m so sorry.” I apologized. “I didn’t know you were hurt.” I carried her over to my makeshift bed and gently laid her down. “Just rest.” I said quietly while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Then I sat down and waited for her to open her eyes again. I wondered what color they were. “Green.” I whispered to myself. Green as leaves in the spring. But how did I know that? I felt like I knew her but that was impossible. If I’d met her before, surely I’d remember her. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen…

She slept well past sun up the next day. I checked on her hourly just to make sure she was still breathing. It had to be close to noon before I left her side to go catch some fish for lunch. I’d just untangled a clump of sea sludge from my hook when I heard rustling from behind me…


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