LAS 28


I remembered more than I’d admitted to Eli…but how was I to explain it without sounding like a crazy woman? I remembered saving him from the beast and bringing him to this island. I remember watching him. And I remember Finneas urging me to keep away. But how did I get here? And how did I “grow legs”? Was I no longer a mermaid? I’d gotten my wish to be with him but at what cost? These were my thoughts as I stood with head on Eli’s shoulder, watching the sun go down. “You about ready for dinner, babe?” Eli’s voice interrupted my thinking. “Sure!” I replied happily. “Raw again? Or are you ready to try some fried fish?” He asked with a knowing wink. “Raw.” I smiled up at him. He shook his head and walked back towards the campsite. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I called out to him.

“Odessa.” I heard a low voice say near my feet. My mouth dropped open in surprise. “Finn! What are you doing here? What if he sees you?” I whispered then looked behind me to make sure Eli wasn’t watching us. “You’ve brought great shame to our family, O.” Finn said solemnly. I frowned. “I’m sorry, Finn. But I love him. I’m meant to be with him.” He scowled up at me. “Everyone in the deep blue knows you are in cahoots with the sea witch! What price did you pay, O?” He sneered. “What sea witch? What are you talking about, Finn?” He ignored me and continued shaming me, his voice rising with every word. “Walking around on land, pretending you’re a human. You’re a disgrace! I curse you, Odessa! I curse the day you were born. You’re no longer my sister and you’re no longer a daughter of the sea. May you never return!” Then he turned and swam towards the sunset. I watched him go with my heart breaking into a million pieces…


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