LAS 29


Today we visited the small island cemetery where Dillon was laid to rest a year and a half ago. I arranged some flowers on his grave while Elliott and Lee watched from nearby. We didn’t speak but I knew we were all thinking the same thing. Eighteen months…was there really any hope left that Eli had survived this long? I turned to face Lee, wiping tears from my eyes. “It’s my fault he’s gone!” I wailed. “Who, Dillon?” Lee asked bewildered. “Yes! And Eli! None of us would even be stuck on this island right now if it wasn’t for me and that damn movie. It’s okay if you hate me, Lee. I wouldn’t blame you.” She shook her head at me and took me by the hands. “Mom, don’t be silly. It’s not your fault. How could you ever think that? I’m just glad we’re all together right now. I never would’ve been able to endure all of this without you.” She said while hugging me. “Or you, Dad.” She added pulling him into the hug. “Whatever happens. We’ll be okay.”


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