LAS 31


The sickness started shortly after my seventh month on the island. I was nauseous from sunrise to sunset. And eating was nearly impossible…plus I was so tired all the time. Eli was really concerned about me. “I hope you’re not sick. We don’t have any medicine here.” He told me while frowning. Then his eyebrows lifted as he thought of something. “Maybe you’re pregnant?” He said with a smile. “Pr-pregnant?” I repeated. “Could I be?” I searched his face for answers. His smile only grew bigger. “Would you be upset if I am?” I asked nervously. “Don’t be silly!” He exclaimed pulling me into a warm embrace. “It would make me the happiest man alive.” Instantly, the tension eased. “I love you so much, Eli.” I murmured while looking into his eyes. “You mean the world to me. And this baby will too.”


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