LAS 32


A month later, the sickness stopped as soon as it started and my appetite came back. And I’d started gaining weight as well…my stomach was growing larger and larger. Eli was right, I was indeed pregnant. It felt like a dream to me. Like I was going to wake up at any second in my cavern beneath the ocean…

But Eli was a strong reminder that everything was real. He surprised me when he dropped down to his knee in front of me then asked, “Odessa, will you marry me?” My mouth opened in shock. After regaining my composure, I answered him. “Of course I will!” I replied happily. He then presented me with a shiny metal band to wear on my finger. “Maybe one day we’ll be able to do this the right way but for now, it’ll do.” He told me. I threw my arms around his neck. “It’s perfect, Eli! I love it.” I exclaimed.

In the weeks, following his proposal, Eli stayed hard at work building a boat with any materials he could find. When it was complete, he took it out to sea to test it and learned it had a hole in the hull when it began to sink. He brought it back to shore in hopes of patching it up. He told me it wouldn’t be long before it was ready. But I had conflicting feelings about leaving…I’d just grown to love it here. I kept it to myself of course. Because Eli was determined to get us off this island…one way or another.


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