The second day on the set was no better than the first. In fact…it was worse. I was sorting costumes when I heard a fight erupt from the stage.

“Don’t you DARE come any closer Dillon.” Maggie shouted at him before slapping him across the face. “You’re a vile human being and I’d rather die than have you put your lips on mine. We can read lines together but you’re never going to touch me again!”

“Really now? I’m the vile one?” Dillon asks Maggie with a sneer. “Let’s ask your husband what he thinks about your nightly escapades at my penthouse.” He suggests in a hushed tone. Maggie’s eyes grow as big as saucers. “You wouldn’t dare…Dillon please. Don’t be a jerk” She pleads with him. “Oh, I’m the jerk? You’re the one making ridiculous accusations.” He exclaims angrily.

I sit back down and put my hand over my face. I try to shrink as far down into my chair as I could. “Why isn’t anyone stopping them?” I think to myself. “Because they’re all idiots.” I mutter. “I’m surrounded by them.”

At that moment Shane walks into the middle of the argument and begins barking orders. “Come on guys. Pull it together. We have a movie to make…or did the two of you happen to forget that? Let’s go!” He looks over at Maggie and says, “Are you okay sweetheart?” She gives him a small nod and blows him a kiss. “Yes dear.” She replies. Oh. Now I see why Maggie got one of the leading roles. She’s married to the director…


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