It was the beginning of another work week at the filming site. I arrived an hour late but no one was around to scold me. I quickly put my purse up, set my coffee down, and walked over to Dillon who was sitting alone on the set. “Where is everyone?” I asked him. He grunted in annoyance and said, “Well…I heard that Maggie was throwing a temper tantrum in her trailer. She’s such a drama queen.” Dillon rolled his eyes and continued, “Then Shane went to go calm her down and nobody has seen either of them since. Wish they’d stop thinking about only themselves. Hello! I have better things to do than have them waste my time.” He ranted. “Uhhh…okay. Sorry I asked.” I muttered to myself.

A few minutes later, Shane and Maggie emerged from her trailer. He looked upset and her face was streaked with tears. He marched right up to me and said, “Looks like we’re going to be putting everything on hold for about a week. Maggie is super close to having a meltdown. She says she’s being overworked.” Shane sighed and continued, “And if there’s no leading lady, there’s no movie. Anyways. Lauren, Maggie and I would like to formally invite you to our condo for dinner tomorrow. 7pm sharp. Bring your family. It’ll be fun.” I nodded my head. “Sure thing, boss.” I glanced over at Maggie and she gave me a small smile. I smiled back as sweetly as I could but inside I was screaming.


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