“You have a lovely home.” I told Maggie as we were eating. “Mmmhmm.” She mumbled while pushing her plate away from her. She’d barely touched anything on it. And to be honest…she was looking rather pale. “Are you feeling okay?” I leaned over and whispered to her. She quickly glanced over at Shane to make sure he wasn’t listening before replying. “I’m fine…I think. A little sick to my stomach. Maybe it was the turkey.” Then she gave a little shrug and stared at the table.

“Thank you for inviting us here. It’s nice to meet the people that Lauren has been working with.” Elliott said to Shane politely, trying to break the awkward silence once more. As they began to talk about the football game that was going to be on later, I zoned out.

That’s when I noticed that Dillon and Eli seemed to hit it off…which surprised me. Dillon is very vocal and outgoing while Eli is more the silent and studious type. They’ve already made plans to go out on Dillon’s boat over the weekend and fish. But I’m not sure if I like the thought of the two of them hanging out. I just feel that Dillon would be a bad influence. But of course, Eli is an adult and can make his own decisions…


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